Getting Along Isn’t Very Fun

Zach stood up and slowly stretched.  “When does Ben feed next?”

“In one hour.  Do you want to shower before you get him?”

He replied, “If you’re not going to shower, sure.”

“Go ahead,” I stated, “I still need to empty the dishwasher and I’ll shower after you.”

Zach headed upstairs while I unloaded the dishes.  It is Friday night.  We are totally wiped from the week, and have zero energy to do anything interesting.

I do the daytime honors of tiring Mom and Dad.

The past few evenings have been a little rough.  Luke has been up at least 50 times each night, and Ben has been up for his usual nightly feeding.  I’m not sure which is worse.  Repeatedly walking Luke back to his bed is draining, but so far tonight he hasn’t poked his little head out of his room yet.  As parents, we covet our nighttime respite from the boys.  Not getting a proper break is disappointing at best, turning us into regular little zombies.

And I stick it to them at night.

At any rate, it is a sign of utter exhaustion when Zach and I are no longer able to joke around with each other and come up with witty retorts.  I hear the shower water running.  I suppose I should get back to the dishes.  He’ll be down soon – maybe we’ll high-five as he takes the next “little boy emerging from his room requesting something nonessential” watch.

We have polite, normal, short conversations.

No funny comments.  No snarky remarks.  All we do is get along.  It’s not very fun.


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2 Responses to Getting Along Isn’t Very Fun

  1. “We covet our nighttime respite from the boys.” — I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    I have found that it comes and goes. Our boys are generally good sleepers, but occasionally (probably during some sort of growth spurt) one of them will deal with some sleeplessness. As our boys have reached the ages of 10 and 11, we’re now dealing with new issues: they want to stay up later (sometimes 10pm, sometimes a hair later) and one of them has to be up by 6:30am to get ready for school. That type of schedule seriously cuts into the “nighttime respite.”

    All I can say is “hang in there!” Or you can think like me and count the years until the boys leave for college (I’m down to 7 and half years to go!!)

  2. pokedpotato says:

    thanks Kevin=) It just kills me when I don’t get good sleep. Zach too. Thanks for the encouragement…Ha – I hope we get better sleep before college!! 10pm is late for a school night! What things we don’t think about before becoming parents. Never realized sleep would be such a struggle =)

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