What’s So Great About Being Potty Trained?

Luke is in the midst of potty training.  He is 2.25 yrs old.  I wouldn’t have started yet (Hello!!!  Newborn in the house!), except Luke said that he wanted to do potty training.

Day 1 observations:

  • Luke has to pee every 1/2 hour if he’s wearing underwear, but can go for hours without peeing if he has a diaper on.
  • Luke’s sole motivation for peeing and pooping in the potty seems to be linked directly to skittles candy.  (“Pee in potty?  Get some treats?  Poop in potty?  Get some big treats?”)

I could definitely live without this in my downstairs bathroom.

Day 2 observations:

  • Luke doesn’t initiate peeing unless it is completely inconvenient for myself and Ben.  Example:  Luke is eating lunch, Ben is screaming his head off in the crib, and as I am headed upstairs to get Ben, Luke yells “Pee! Pee!”  I come down, get him out of his booster chair, we head to the potty to do the deed, wash hands, and set him back in the booster.  As I head up again to get Ben, Luke repeats the process.  Ben continues to scream
  • Television causes the brain to shut down.  He peed himself twice within 15 minutes, while watching a show.  I asked him why he peed and he said, “Bob Builder, Mom.”  No more Bob the Builder during potty training, Luke.

Day 3 observations:

  • Luke is not very impressed with the whole potty thing.  [End of Day 3 training]  “Okay Mom, potty training all done.  Wear diapers now.”

Day 6 observations:

  • Unfortunately, it appears that Luke has been potty trained.  He needs a little help but otherwise does his business like a mini adult.  I’m a little disappointed; I wanted to go back to diapers.  Changing a diaper at my convenience is easier than being summoned constantly, to help pull up his underwear and pants when he is finished.  I also cringe at the thought of taking him to public restrooms.

Big boy underwear!!

Day 7 observations:

  • Definitely potty trained.  During Room Time, I heard the toilet flush several times.  When I came up, I asked him if he peed.  He replied, “Mom.  Pee in potty.  Put pee in toilet.  Flush toilet.  Close lid quietly.  Hike pants up.”

And so it begins.  My baby is no longer a baby anymore.  Sad.  I liked diapers just fine.


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6 Responses to What’s So Great About Being Potty Trained?

  1. Good for Luke! He’s cute and looks proud 🙂

    You don’t have to be scared of public restrooms. Those changing tables aren’t particularly clean if you ask me! The Potette Plus fits on any toilet and folds fairly small. You can carry it in a small bag. Put restroom provided paper covers on the seat if you want or just throw in some wipes and give the toilet seat a quick wipe first. Easy. A seat that folds much smaller but isn’t as sturdy is the Primo. Or shop around for a travel seat and choose what fits you best.

  2. Josh says:

    He is officially more squared away then a lot of college graduates today.


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