Last month, Luke and Ben got me a spa gift certificate for my birthday.  I scheduled a hot stone massage and reflexology.

I love massages.  When I trained for my marathon a million years ago, I had massages every 4-6 days to help with a knee injury.  When I was pregnant with Luke, I got massages for back pain.  For me, a good rub down can fix anything.

I have been generally stressed and, additionally, my back has been sore from nursing while sitting on the floor.  Nursing on the floor is a wonderful concept – it lets me interact with Luke while Ben drains his umpteenth meal for the day.  In actuality, it is a pain in the ass.

At my nursing station.

Massage Day rolled around.  The day transpired as follows:

  • 11:00am  Write out nice instructions for Zach, in preparation of leaving.
  • 12:30pm  Read instructions to Zach.  Prepare bottle for Ben.
  • 12:45pm  Nurse Ben.  Luke runs around the house.
  • 12:55pm  Zach gets phone call.
  • 12:57pm  I hiss at Zach to get off phone and put both boys down for naps.
  • 12:58pm  Zach smiles, gives me the high-five sign, and doesn’t get off phone.
  • 12:59pm  Annoyed, I hand over the boys to Zach.
  • 1:00pm   Rush off to spa, fuming that naps will be delayed.
  • 1:15-3:15  Attempt to unwind.  Get massage.  Fall asleep.
  • 3:15pm   Finish massage.  Spend precious time making a cup of Earl Grey.  Hot.
  • 3:30pm  Drive home.
  • 3:40pm  Phone call from Zach.  Baby refusing bottle.  When will you be home?
  • 3:45pm  Arrive home.  Luke claims my tea.  No Luke.  Mommy’s tea.
  • 3:46pm  Snatch baby from Zach & shove in boob.
  • 3:47pm  Ben nurses furiously, gulping down milk and air in his haste.  Gets mad.
  • 3:50pm  Zach drinks the rest of my tea.
  • 3:55pm  Tailbone starts to hurt from sitting on the floor nursing.
  • 4:00pm  Company arrives.
  • 4:01pm   In dire need of another massage.

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2 Responses to Relaxing

  1. Chris says:

    Hilarious. I went for a spa day on Saturday. I called Dave on the way home and he started complaining that Elisabeth didn’t nap, and she is doing this and not doing this. He had bought me the gift certicates as well, which I find ironic. “Oh honey, you deserve to relax. Just don’t leave me alone with the kid.” I remember realizing after our first date night after she was born that there is always a price to pay when mommy gets some me time.

    • pokedpotato says:

      Too funny Chris! The guys get points for trying=) Zach does a really good job with the boys but I was really annoyed that he drank my tea. Really???! Yes, definitely a price to pay for “mommy time”!!

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