Work Gloves

I took Luke to the store with me, to pick out his winter hat and gloves.  He found a terrible hat with a monster sticking his tongue out on it.  He was extremely excited about the tongue sticking out, and it was a bonus that the hat was blue as well.  I told him, “absolutely not,” and convinced him that a moose hat was much better.

He managed to get equally excited about the mittens that went with the hat.  He kept saying, “Put on mitts!  Help Daddy!”

I agreed with him in an absent-minded manner, “Sure Luke.  You can put on your mittens and help Dad when it snows.”

We returned home and he immediately wanted to put on his mittens.  And hat.  It was 70 degrees outside.  Zach complied, and they went outside.

What a kook.

Later that night, I was telling Zach that Luke must’ve remembered shoveling snow with him last winter, because he kept on asking to “put on mitts” and “help Dad”.  Zach replied, “He thinks that they are his work gloves.  He was picking up branches with them.”

“Work gloves?!”  I was a little confused.

“Yes.  He thinks they are his work gloves.  They are all dirty by the way.”

Apparently so.

Since acquiring the cold weather gear, he runs around the house with his hat and mittens on, attempting to pick up anything heavy.

All walls must be lifted.

He’s totally obsessed.

Every chair must be moved.

It’s not even winter yet, and his mittens are totally worn to pieces.

He needs some work gloves.


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2 Responses to Work Gloves

  1. alltheseblessedthings says:

    He’s hilarious! I loved his youtube videos, too!

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