One Month

Ben will be one month old in a few days.  I’ve been weighing him before bath time, and yesterday he was almost up to 6 lb.  Not bad, considering he started a bit over 3 1/2 lb.

He’s still pretty stinkin’ little.

The one month mark made me very weepy with Luke.  I was sad because he was so big already.  I am similarly weepy with Ben, but for the opposite reason.  He is still so tiny.  It is wonderful and discouraging to me at the same time.  I am happy and thankful that he is thriving.  At the same time, I can’t help thinking that carrying around a watermelon till September would’ve been much less exhausting.

Anyways, Ben is a tiny but feisty one-month old baby.  He constantly makes noises and lets you know if he is unhappy.  He is still super skinny, but has managed to grown an impressive double chin.  Preemie diapers and clothes still fit him.

Happy one month Ben.  I hope you don’t catch Luke’s cold.  Please.


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One Response to One Month

  1. sue jones says:

    Very small he is. But before you know it he will be just as big as Luke.
    Hope all is going well. What a busy life you have! Take care Sue

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