Trial Run

I’m sitting here, eating spoonfuls of sweetened condensed milk and feeling slightly depressed.  I’m waiting for my magic bars to come out of the oven.  A dose of sugary gooeyness will make me feel better, of course.

I spent two nights and one day in the hospital last week, due to pregnancy complications.  I’m 32 weeks pregnant.  Ideally, I would stay pregnant until 40 weeks.  At this point, I am hoping to at least make it to 36 weeks.  34 weeks.  Anything.  Three more days.

A visit from my favorite little boy

Unfortunately, I’ve had a decent amount of bleeding and contractions.  Really this is the best case scenario – if the baby came now, it would be small but okay (as opposed to coming in previous weeks).

I’m still selfishly saddened, because I’ve gone from being really active (probably over-active) to as inactive as possible.  I was told by the releasing doctor that I needed large rest periods in the day.  No stairs more than twice a day, with “5-6 times being too many”.  Yikes.  We have two sets of stairs in our house.  I normally go up and down stairs at least 30-40 times a day.  Not going down a flight of stairs does help with my contractions, so I’m trying to stay on the first floor.

I was told a lot of other things, and I have also just realized that I am currently incapable of doing very much anyways.

Putting Luke into the car seat is out of the question, and he can’t climb in himself.  So I’m sadly home bound for a while, unless Zach is there to help me.  Hopefully I feel better soon.  If not, this is going to be a long 8 weeks with a 2-year-old going stir crazy.  Lots of in-home playdates needed…

My magic bars are done.  I’m waiting for them to cool.

Zach went to the grocery store for the weekly supplies.  I put ice cream on the list.


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5 Responses to Trial Run

  1. Commish says:

    lol what are magic bars?

    • pokedpotato says:

      smashed graham crackers mixed with melted butter, sweetened condensed milk, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, nuts, coconut. more sweetened condensed milk. sooooooooo yummy.

  2. Commish says:

    hahah sounds like smores on crack

    • pokedpotato says:

      i’ll make it for you guys next time i see you. you will love them. mine always turn out really gooey and i think they’re supposed to be a little firmer but they are still great.

  3. Julia says:

    sorry to hear you’re having these complications!!!! i will pray for you and your belly resident to make it through until that “magic bar” is done baking.

    loveya Bec

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