Leaving the Boys

I’m going on a bit of a trip by myself for a few days.  Zach is taking care of Luke.  He always does an exceptional job of taking care of the boy, but it still makes me a little nervous when he says to me, “Don’t you worry.  He’ll be alive when you get back.”

I asked him if he wanted me to type up any instructions for the bug.  He asked, “What for?”  Again, this makes me nervous.

It’s not that I doubt his parenting abilities.  But let’s be honest – the English skills of a not-quite-two year old are not the best.

Therefore, I compiled a list of things that Luke pesters me about on a daily basis.  I hope Zach reads this.  May Luke’s pestering be well understood.

1.  “med” or “meds” – Please do not forget to give him his vitamin after breakfast.

2.  “dum” or “want dum” – He has not forgotten that we freely gave him chewing gum on the long car ride home from vacation.  Please do not give him gum unless it is really necessary (i.e. kid driving you bonkers).  He will root through the junk drawer looking for it.  I have hidden it up in our change cabinet.

3.  “pssst” – If you mop with him, he will ask for “pssst”.  That is the sound I make when I spray out the mop solvent for him to wipe up with his swifter.  It is best if you spray it while he is looking, in good lighting.  Otherwise he will be upset that he apparently does not have any “pssst” to mop up.

4.  “dake mat” – If you mop with him, he will want to shake out the mats.

5.  “loss” – Floss his teeth.

6.  “wock” – He is very attached to the random rock that he brought back from vacation.  It’s currently in the trunk of his Pooh car.  DON’T chuck it.  He’ll cry buckets.  He keeps on leaving it in random places of the house, and then frantically starts looking for it, hours later.

7.  “mommy” – Give him some gum.

Good luck.


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