Quilting and Running

Quilting to me is much like a marathon.  Just like a marathon, when you think about quilting, it seems like a wonderful thing to do in theory.  Actually doing it is much different.

Mile 1

Marathon:  The beginning is exciting.  I usually run my first mile a lot faster than intended just because the energy of the surrounding people is so catching.

Quilting:  I love washing and ironing each piece.  There is something enjoyable about ironing enormous swaths of fabrics without worrying about buttons or cuffs.

This is for a baby quilt.

Mile 5

Marathon: Reality hits and I try to run at a sustainable pace, instead of interchanging overly fast and slow miles.

Quilting: The monotony of cutting and piecing squares starts to make my eyes blur.  I wonder why I ever decided to do this.  Again.

The first colors a baby sees are black, white and red.

Mile 13 – Halfway 

Marathon:  I love a good cheering section with familiar faces.

Quilting:  Friendly faces are also encouraged.  Adding the sashing (the red strips) is always a milestone accomplishment.

Mile 22 or 23

Marathon:  I hit my wall.  I wonder why I ever wanted to run a marathon.  So close to the finish and yet so far.

Quilting:  The top layer has been married to the bottom layer, with the batting in between.  The actual process of quilting is commencing.  I hate this stage; the quilt looks like it is done, but it is far from finished.

Free motion quilting.

Mile 26…2 tenths to go

Marathon:  The end is in sight.  Happy day.  This means food.  I love the last little bit of the run.

Quilting:  Putting on the binding (the edge portion and final step) is the only part of quilting that I truly enjoy.  How demented.

Finish Line

Marathon:  I adore the finish.  You have a wonderful sense of accomplishment and can eat a beautiful meal afterwards.

Quilting:  Similar feelings.  The meal is probably not so well-earned in this case.  I doubt quilting burns as many calories as running.

The darn kid never poses on request.


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