Happiness Comes in the Form of Chicken Wings

I saw the most beautiful sign this winter while driving through our little town:  “Opening Soon!  Buffalo Wild Wings”.  I immediately felt nostalgic and uplifted.  To think!  We were really going to be able to grace a Bdubs, from northern Pittsburgh.  A small part of home, miraculously transplanted near us.

I have been going to Buffalo Wild Wings before it was Buffalo Wild Wings, and simply BW3’s…perhaps the early 90’s?  Yikes.  I have a gazillion fond memories of the place.  My best friend and I once stole a chair from there.  It had a cute little buffalo with wings in the metal seat back, which I cut out with a bandsaw.  In our defense, the chair was broken and headed for the trash bin.

When I moved to Michigan for work, I suppose I met friends there at least once a week, for almost 5 years.  The best stories were shared at BW3.

Zach and I loved living in the Seattle, WA area.  The one thing that we sorely missed, however, was Buffalo Wild Wings.  When we drove back to the Midwest, we planned our stops according to Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants.  Their HR department was nice enough to send me a wonderful spreadsheet of all the locations.

The place finally opened a few weeks ago.  We packed the boy up and headed over.  It was wonderful.  Luke was over the moon about the restaurant for some unknown reason.

Cheese sticks

Loving the atmosphere...liking the cheese sticks.

He kept on requesting “Baa Baa Black Sheep” in between songs.  I don’t think he believed us when we said that they weren’t going to play that for him.

Zach told me that our little town just went up 3 notches by getting a BWW.  I happily agreed, as I relished my completely unhealthy meal of ‘hot barbecue’ chicken wings, buffalo chips with cheese, and a nice side of celery with bleu cheese.  Just what a pregnant woman needs.

The waiter surprised Luke with a balloon at the end.  Perhaps now Luke will want to become a waiter instead of a mailman.  After all, a sticker from the mailman is one thing.  A balloon from a waiter is quite another.

Dreaming of chicken wings

I am hoping we can hit up the restaurant tomorrow.


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