Paying the Sitter

Zach and I are huge credit card people.  We have 2 cards with which we charge everything possible, pay off the monthly balance, and get yearly cash back.  It is a good system that works for us. 

Luke is learning this system too.  I don’t think he has ever seen a dollar bill.  When we stand in the checkout line, he says, “Pay?  Swipe?” as he mimics a card being zipped through a reader.

Recently, we had a string of babysitters.  I called my husband at work to inform him that all I had at home was a benjamin, and needed some small change to pay the sitter.  He said it was no big deal; he would pull money out of the ATM at work.  I was satisfied.

He called me about half an hour later.  “Hey.  I can’t get any cash out.  My ATM card has expired.”

I groaned.  This was bad news.  “When was the last time you used it?  Really?  Let me check mine.”

I rifled through my purse, pulled out my wallet and glared at my ATM card.  “Shit.  Mine expired 2 years ago.”

We both laughed stupidly.  Who carries around 2-year expired ATM cards?  I shook my head.  “Just forget about it.  We’ll figure it out later.  Come on home.”

I managed to scrounge up some small bills to pay the sitters.

Everything worked out.

We are still carrying around ridiculously expired ATM cards.


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