Keeping a Secret: Revealing

Click for Part 1 and Part 2.  This is the final Part 3.

While I had high hopes of keeping my pregnancy a secret for months on end, it only lasted one week.  I am terrible at keeping secrets from my husband, and I suspected that he already knew anyways.

As it turns out, he did already know, and was only pretending that he didn’t know.  What a great guy.

Apparently, me sneaking off to make phone calls was the dead giveaway.

It is absolutely better that he knows.  The first trimester has dealt its rough moments.  I can guarantee that if he didn’t know or – even worse – was still pretending that he didn’t know, I would definitely hold it against him for many years to come.

At any rate, he has dubbed the little “guy” Pee Wee.  He also immediately informed Luke about Pee Wee, much to my dismay (you’re not supposed to tell the little kid about the new kid until it has practically been popped out, right??).

A grainy U/S pic of Pee Wee.

So Luke periodically tugs my ultrasound pics and says “Pee Pee!”, and chatters about him like he is a real person, depending on what line Zach is currently feeding to him.  I’m sure he is totally clueless. 

Zach’s happiness is still intact; he refuses, however, to believe any of my friends that have told me that the second baby is easier than the first.  He still believes the newborn stage will be a terrible, terrible time. 

No biggie.  He’ll get over it. 

We’re back to being a normal family…no secrets.  We’re all happy.


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6 Responses to Keeping a Secret: Revealing

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  2. alltheseblessedthings says:

    I don’t think second baby is easier. Maybe it’s easier being a parent the second time because you know what to do and freak out less and try to control less. But the second only compounds the crazy. Bad news for Zach.

    • pokedpotato says:

      rach, i tend to agree with you – but i try to be unflaggingly optimistic when i am talking to zach about it – i figure someone’s got to be=) in actuality, i think it’s going to be a total zoo and i will cry lots and lots.

  3. julia says:

    congrats on the coming attraction, bec, but i side with zach on fearing that the second go-round is not any easier than the first. you think you’ve got things handled with the first, so that the second one will be breezy, but somehow the first and the second tend to piss each other off to the extent that the challenges become something entirely new. one wants to sleep while the other wants to bang drums; one wants to run while the other wants to crawl in the other direction. one has toys that are smallish and intricate, the other wants to eat them and asphyxiate himself on them

    it’s all a lovely, heady, amazing swirl of familial happiness. enjoy the ride 🙂

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