Keeping a Secret: Sharing

Click for Part 1.  This is Part 2.

Week 1 of me-being-pregnant-without-the-husband-knowing commenced. 

Our “non-disclosure pregnancy pact” included two rules:

  1. Don’t tell him that I’m pregnant.
  2. I can tell anyone else that I’m pregnant.

I love buying pregnancy tests from Amazon. You can get a stack of 25 for about 3 bucks.

I took a pregnancy test, which immediately came up positive.  Slightly shocked, I proceeded to follow our rules and called my mother, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law, and a handful of girlfriends.  I even skyped the news. 

I said the same thing to all of them:  “I’m pregnant.  Don’t tell Zach.” 

The first time I was pregnant, we did the usual – we didn’t tell anyone aside from close friends & family, until I was past week 13.  For the first trimester, Zach was my sounding board for my pregnancy woes.  I analyzed every detail of how I felt.  I’m sure he hated it. 

So far this has gone much better.  Girlfriends love to talk.  Period. 

I don’t know how long I am going to be able to keep this from him.  After all, the kid is due on Zach’s birthday.

Click for Part 3.


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4 Responses to Keeping a Secret: Sharing

  1. Every once in a while a topic will come up and I will either think, or say, to Julia “don’t you have a girlfriend you could talk about this with?” I probably think it a lot more than I say it.

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