The Art of Pizza Making

Step 1.  Get kid from his afternoon nap.  Because he is fussy, promise him that he can help make dinner.

Step 2.  Slap a crust on a pizza stone.  Add pizza sauce, and let toddler run fingers through the red goodness until he starts slapping hand on the pie.

Step 3.  Provide cheese for sprinkling.  Raise eyebrows but make no comment when lots of cheese falls to the floor. 

Step 4.  Place pepperoni yourself.  Meanwhile, child attempts cheese clean-up, creating even bigger mess.

Step 5.  Ask kid to distribute sausage evenly on the pizza.  Nod expectantly when 100% of the sausage is dumped directly in the center.  Clean cheese off floor.

Let's do this every day, Mom.

 Step 6.  Pretend not to notice when toddler eats several pepperoni slices.

Step 7.  Repeat 5 with sliced mushrooms.

Step 8.  Allow kid to go to town with italian seasoning.  Lots of praise for job well done.

Hey, it's his first attempt.

Step 9.  Bake appropriately.  Make kid stand far away when pizza comes out of oven; promise use of oven mitts as compensation.

Final results...not too shabby.

Step 10.  Serve pizza pie for dinner.  Give husband over-seasoned slices with no explanation.  Smile.


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4 Responses to The Art of Pizza Making

  1. Awesome! I think it’s great to involve our kids in real life activities. There are so many things we could do more efficiently and effectively. But having our kids involved builds our relationship with them and builds their self-confidence. Great job!

  2. Commish says:

    The youtube video won’t go all the way to the end, it stops like in the middle.

  3. Commish says:

    NM- It’s going to the end.

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