Valentine’s Dough

I opened my Valentine’s Day present yesterday.  I love Valentine’s Day.  This is my holiday every year.  Zach get’s Veteran’s Day

I love Valentine’s Day because I get what I ask for.  Last year, I think that I asked for, and received, nothing.  Sad.  But the prior year, I asked for a thimble.  I got a thimble and flowers.  I was happy.  One year I got a glorious digital piano.  Super happy.

This year, I asked for a loaf of Zingerman’s chocolate sourdough bread.  Zingerman’s is only my favorite speciality food store in the world.  It is the best thing to ever happen to Ann Arbor, MI.  I lived in Ann Arbor for 2 years, and regret not going to Zingerman’s more often.  Their deli sandwiches are to die for.

Anyways, Zach ordered me something from Zingerman’s, and it showed up in a box two days ago. 

How terribly tempting to read “OPEN IMMEDIATELY”…

As the box sat in front of me, I debated on whether or not to tear into the box right then and there.  Who knows what he got me.  It could be cheese.  Needs refrigeration.  It could be a cake.  It could be my coveted loaf of bread.  Needs opening. 

I decided the moral thing to do was to leave it be.  I waited.

Zach came home, and I immediately pointed out “his” package to him.  I asked him if it was perishable, and if so, when could I open my present.  I am not patient when it comes to gifts.  He hesitated. 

“Ah…I think it will be okay.  When are we celebrating Valentine’s Day?  Uh, I think it will be okay till Saturday.”

Dejectedly, I sniffed the box.  Please don’t get stale, little present of mine, I silently pleaded.

Yesterday, he came home from work.  I commented on the box again, and he said, slightly surprised, “You haven’t opened it yet?  You better open it today.”

Happy day!  Later that evening, I slit open the box and peered at the contents.  A magnet telling me about bread storage.  Hmmmm.  A bread postcard.  Yummmmm.  And not one, but TWO round, plump and crackling loaves of bread. 

(Better than) San Francisco Sourdough. Heaven.

 There was no chocolate sourdough.  It was better.  He bought me a 6 month Bread Club membership.  I get 2 loaves of bread for SIX months.  I was overjoyed. 

These slices just need to be married to some butter.

Then, even though it was almost 11pm, I did the unthinkable – I sliced some amazing pieces of sourdough, warmed them up and lathered them generously with butter.

It was delicious.  Even though I knew it was going straight to my thighs, I savored every soft, buttery, chewy mouthful.

Today, I had bread, butter and hot Azeri black tea for lunch.  Extremely satisfying.  Immediately comforting.

What an awesome husband.  What a great Valentine’s Day present.


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4 Responses to Valentine’s Dough

  1. alltheseblessedthings says:

    That’s so fun! That makes me think of that wheel of cheese you once sent me…oh, I nibbled on that for FAR too long…such wonderful goodness. Enjoy your 6 months of fresh bread! *That’s* love! lol

  2. pokedpotato says:

    Oh YUM, yes I remember that wonderful cheese=) Thank you, I am just over the moon about the bread!!

  3. I love bread. What a great gift. I’m surprised you were able to wait. Julia definitely wouldn’t have waited.

    I liked the punchy way that you wrote this (short sentences, etc.) It makes it sound like a little kid excited about Christmas.

    “Last year, I asked for and received nothing” — Julia wouldn’t let me get away with this.

    Great post!

    • pokedpotato says:

      Thanks Kevin! Ha – yes I think I was just about excited as a little kid at Christmas. =) Yes, who doesn’t love an amazing bread! If I was rich, I would send everyone I know bread & cheese. Staples of life.

      I think your comments about Julia are funny. I almost didn’t wait.

      Thanks for reading!

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