The Dividing Pillow

It has been a rough couple of weeks at our house.  We have all been sick with colds that have become sinus infections.  I have not been sleeping well.  In addition to my sinus woes, I have a snoring problem:  my husband. 

I am a light sleeper.  Normally it is not a big deal.  He starts snoring when he is on his back.  I wake up.  I wait as long as I can possibly stand it and then I poke him.  He mutters something intelligible and rolls onto his side.  The snoring ceases.  I sleep.

However, with all the stuffiness going on, the poking and rolling routine is just not cutting it.  I poke him.  He rolls onto his side…and continues snoring.  I say, “Can you please blow your nose?” 

He replies, “No.  I cannot.”

I harumph and attempt to sleep through the noise, totally miserable. 

I could not stand it the other night, and finally woke him up and told him to do something about his terrible snoring.  He offered to go to the couch.  I paused for what seemed like an acceptable amount of time and said, “Yes, please go.”

Finally some peace.  I slept.

I apologized the next day, telling him that I waited almost an hour before I sent him to the couch.  He replied that I shouldn’t have waited that long as he doesn’t mind sleeping on the couch.  Really?? 

I didn’t want to send him to the couch again.  I went into our spare bedroom and dug out my dividing pillow.

The dividing pillow is a wonderful thing.  I used it when he was in the Navy.  I never got fully used to sleeping with him, because he gone so sporadically – either out to sea or sleeping on the boat for watch.  A pillow shoved in his face blocks out most of the noise and gives me a tiny little bubble of personal space.  He never seemed to mind.

I smugly told him that I was resorting to the dividing pillow.  He could stay in bed.

We settled in for the night.  Again, I was awaken at 3am by this ridiculous snoring.  I went through my futile routine of asking him to blow his nose.  He refused.  I shoved a pillow between us.

It didn’t help.  He ended up on the couch again.

I hope we all get better soon.


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4 Responses to The Dividing Pillow

  1. Rachel Pinto says:

    I have to laugh at the dividing pillow. I always blamed my back pain for using one, but really it was to have some space to myself since I also was never used to sleeping at the same time as my husband…haha. I still have to have mine. I call it “the wall.”

    • pokedpotato says:

      Hilarious Rach!! What is it with guys…they can sleep anywhere anytime, but we are so sensitive to sleeping changes! Love the sound of “the wall”. Here’s to lots of good sleeping with our hubby’s that have normal sleep schedules now!

  2. Another idea: white noise. Get yourself some sort of noise machine, so that the snoring blends in and doesn’t wake you up.

    My favorite line in the post is “I have a snoring problem: my husband”

    I hope you all get better soon. Seems like there’s a lot of sinus junk going around this year.

    • pokedpotato says:

      Thanks Kevin! I am not very good with white noise – we have tried a fan before but I could never fall asleep with it on. A noise machine is a good idea though. And thanks for the well wishes…we are all slowly getting better!

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