Oh, Deer!

We have deer around our house.  Their snowy tracks proudly declare that they have been snuffling in our bushes, pawing through our lichen and generally poking around. 

The other day, a young buck was waiting in my driveway when I pulled in.  I had to get really close to him before he decided to move along.  He trotted a few steps into our backyard and continued to wait.  I parked the car and decided to show my kid the deer.  As I was walking out of the garage, a young doe came zipping by, literally 5 feet away from me.  I was glad that I didn’t send Luke out on his own. 

Every day at about 2pm, a pack of deer come out of the treeline behind our house.  They carefully cross the street and disappear behind our neighbors’ houses.

Go past the lamp-post and turn left at the transformer, Bambi.

 Sometimes they cross the other way.  I have never seen a more brash bunch of deer.

Pick it up guys. We're meeting Henry for a 2:15 munch on Mrs. Smith's shrubs.

Years ago, when we lived in Kingston, WA, we had deer issues too. 

Dumb deer. Hiding from my husband while I sneak up on from the rear.

The deer liked to munch on our flora.  We had such a hodge-podge of plants, bushes and trees growing, so I would expect nothing less. 

However, we lived in the boonies at that time.  Now, we are smack in the middle of civilization.

Deer are a nuisance.  I am not sure if I should even attempt planting some nice bulbs come spring.  Admittedly, I do like seeing deer.  They make me feel like I’m living in the wild.

When I was about 10 years old, I remember my mother looking out of our kitchen sliding-glass door, and gaping at a huge creature in our backyard.  She then exclaimed, “Look at that big DOG!” 

I looked out the door and said, “Mom?  That’s a deer.” 

She laughed and corrected herself.  I felt slightly mortified that my own mother would mistake a deer for a dog. 

At least I have the opportunity to remind myself what a deer looks like – on a daily basis – I suppose.


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2 Responses to Oh, Deer!

  1. I think having deer walk through your yard/neighborhood is really cool. My parents live out in the country and it’s not atypical to see 6 or 8 deer wander through the backyard. It still thrills us city-dwellers when we’re visiting. My parents don’t even bother to get up and look anymore.

    Great story. I think it’s hilarious that your mom mistook a deer for a dog. Nothing to be mortified about, just hilarious.

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