Peeps and Poops

My son, Luke, is obsessed with peeing and pooping.  Whenever my husband or I do our business, Luke comes running for the show.  I decided to get him a potty.  I have heard that it is good to get them familiar with one, prior to training. 

We made a special trip to Target.  Zach and I belabored over the potty choices for far too long.  Luke was over the moon.  He could not stop saying “Pee!!!  Poo!!!!”

Shoving Pooh into the Can

At home, we pulled the potty out of the box and told Luke that he put his peeps and poops in it.  He was extremely excited.  He practiced “fake” peeing and pooping quite a bit.  Then, with cries of “poo! poo!” he got Pooh Bear and started shoving him into the potty bowl

He obviously got “poop” and “Pooh” messed up. 

Since then he has happily sat on the potty about once a day.  He has gone “peeps” a few times but no pooping.  However, he always asks if he can put Pooh into the potty. 

We tell him no.


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2 Responses to Peeps and Poops

  1. Ok, you scared me. I was skimming this post. I saw the “peeps and poops” comment. Then I saw Pooh getting shoved into the potty (which made sense, an easy mistake). I was worried to see what the kid would do to try to shove his “peeps” (in the sense of his people) into the potty. At best, I suppose this could mean putting some sort of toy “Little People” or toy soldiers into the potty, but at worst, it could make for a very ugly (and very messy) playtime with a friend.

    Hopefully Luke either doesn’t have “peeps” or doesn’t call them “peeps” yet.

    Good luck on the potty-training!

    • pokedpotato says:

      Oh Kevin…I know!! Zach says “peeps” to Luke. I don’t know why because you’re totally right, his “peeps” would be “his people”. At this point, I am just letting Zach do his parenting thing with Luke. But every time he says that, I cringe.

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