Whiny Baby…Wiped Mom.

I really love my kid.  But ever since he learned how to make noise (Day 1), he has been perfecting the ability to drive me bonkers.

The latest technique he has picked up is to say “please” over and over again in a whiny voice.  He also insists on repeating his request at least 20 times after I’ve given him my “final answer”. 

Luke will beg for his boots, beg to sweep and beg to shovel. I hope this turns into good hard labor someday.

We used to do playpen time when he was a baby.  This would give me a good 45 minutes of happy, quiet time while Luke was awake.  Sadly, playpen time is a thing of the past.  However, I started “room time” last week, in order to regain my sanity and my constant quest for a spotless house.  This is where I put him in his room to play alone, with the door open but a gate up.  If I don’t do this, he will follow me around and pester me the entire time I am cleaning, repeatedly chattering, “All done?  Mama?  Done?”  Like I said, bonkers.

So far, it is going well.  The first few days he yelled “mama” every 10 seconds for 15 minutes.  The third day the yelling only lasted 5 minutes.  Today, yelling was minimal, and then he spent the rest of his time sorting his sock drawer. 

We’re only doing 20 minutes of room time right now, but I am going to work it up to about 40 minutes.  Tension is leaving my back even as I think about it. 

Until then, let the bug whine.


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2 Responses to Whiny Baby…Wiped Mom.

  1. The most annoying thing my kids repeat over and over is “sorry.” It’s like an incantation…as if they will avoid consequences if they say “sorry” enough. It sets my teeth on edge every time.

    As far as the volume of talking, I have to say that I have one son (who will remain nameless) who never stops talking. Over the years, I would pick him up from daycare or school and he would begin talking and it would go on and on and on. I love him dearly, but even as an introvert and a decent listener, I can only take so much. I predict now he will marry some very sweet, very quiet young lady who will be happy to have him talk all the time.

    • pokedpotato says:

      That is really funny. At least they say sorry I suppose?? Although, anything repeated just drives a parent nuts no matter what. I think you have it worse than me – you guys have two stinkers to chime in. We are only dealing with 1 right now. Much easier to tune out.

      And you have a chatter! I bet I could guess who that is.

      Thanks for reading & commenting!!! So funny.

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