Wake Me Up On Time

For Christmas, we are staying with my parents for a several days.  They have a full house, so one of my brothers graciously agreed to let us use his room.

The husband, kid and I settled into his small but cozy room yesterday.  I put the bug down to bed well before his usual 7:30pm bedtime.  I thought that made sense because I was cranky.

Zach and I retired around 11pm.  Normally, when I travel, I set my cell phone to go off at 7am – Luke’s normal wake up hour.  At home, my alarm goes off earlier.  On the road, I have no desire to accidentally wake the kid early, when we are all in the same room.

I was totally pooped, and uncharacteristically decided not to set my cell phone.  I would let the kid sleep until he wakes up, and he would be our alarm.  Besides, I reasoned, he went to bed early.  He would probably be up at the crack of pre-pre-dawn anyways.

We slept.

Everyone loves a bone-jarring fright in the morning.

At exactly 5:45am, a loud, beeping alarm went off.

This was not my alarm.  Zach and I both started hissing instructions at each other, trying to find the alarm before Luke started stirring.  Zach tossed it to me and I scurried out of the room.  I set it just outside the door.

I crept back into the room, breathed a thankful prayer that our little man was still sleeping, and crawled silently back into bed.  I kid you not – my head had barely touched the pillow, when a second alarm went off.

More frantic whispering ensued.  As I located and deposited the second alarm outside our door, the first alarm started to go off again.  Of course.

Thoroughly frazzled, I scooped up both alarms and dumped them in a basket far away from our room.  I headed back in.  To my amazement, Luke was still out cold.  Suspicious of another rude awakening, I examined the two remaining clocks in the room.

One of them was indeed set to a music alarm.  After careful examination by glowing night-light, I grimly switched it to the OFF position.  There would be no more craziness caused by this clock.

I laid back in bed and nervously waited for the next alarm.  I fell back asleep.

The bug didn’t wake up till 7:20am.

I did not feel like I got any extra sleep.


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