Silly Old Bear

I took my 16 month old son, Luke, to get his pictures taken last month.  I knew he would be jittery with the photographer, so I packed Winnie the Pooh.  Boy, was that a good idea.  Big, fearful tears were already dripping off his nose when we started the shoot.  He warmed up quickly to the nice lady snapping his mug, but refused to be parted with Pooh. 

After the session, the lady commented, “He seems really attached to his bear.  Has he had him for a while?”

I replied, somewhat apologetically, “Well, he’s slept with him since he was 4 weeks old.  So yes, he’s a bit attached.”

Over Thanksgiving, we made the trip to see my husband’s relatives.  Pooh came along, of course.  In the car, Luke took a nap with him. 

15 Months Old

As you can see…

1 Month Old

…not much has changed. 

He has fallen asleep with Pooh ever since he can remember.

He has also fallen asleep with Pooh on his head, more times than I can remember.  The American Association of Pediatrics recommends not letting babies sleep with stuffed animals, for fear of suffocation.  I totally see how this could happen. 

He's coziest when Pooh is nestled on some part of his face.

When Luke was younger, I was constantly checking the video monitor as he fell asleep, and would often need to pry Pooh off his face after he zonked out, either too tired or too comfortable to move his bear to a safer position. 

He likes it this way.

Like I said, it happened a lot. 

Anyways, I framed one of the really good shots from last month’s session, and put it up in our foyer.  As it turns out, Pooh is in the picture, forever immortalized in print.  Just what I wanted on my walls.

Actually, it looks pretty good.  However, every time Luke sees the picture, he freaks out and must locate Pooh that very minute, to make sure that the boy in the picture hasn’t stolen Pooh.

Really, I’m over Pooh.  Who knows when Luke will be.  Silly old bear.


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3 Responses to Silly Old Bear

  1. Very cute pictures, Rebecca. Pooh is cute too. Unfortunately, our son (our oldest) chose to become obsessed with a hideous elephant that only became more hideous and deformed with time. I don’t think we ever let him take it to a professional shoot, but the elephant is enshrined in many of our personal photos and in our son’s memory. Very special.

  2. Julia says:

    What a great post! I love how you have kept all the Pooh shots from the past 16 months of his life. And since I’ve watched him grow up on Facebook, I think I remember many of them. Excellent story. And he really does look cute in his latest pic. So does Pooh.

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