Vacation Days

We all look forward to vacation days.  Around here, it is quite the touchy subject.

Plotting out a Year of Toil

When my husband accepted his new job last December, one of the first things I asked him was how much vacation he got.  He gave me some papers and we determined that he either got 2 weeks, or basically nothing, depending on his employee category. 

He was fairly certain that he fell into the sad category of no vacation, while I was positive that he got 2 weeks.  I told him to check up on it during orientation.  Unfortunately, it was not discussed at that time.  When he started work, I told him to talk to the HR department about it. 

At some point he came home and said that “for sure” he had 2 days of vacation for the entire year.  I was extremely dubious.  I told him to check again.  This went on for several months.  I continued to be skeptical about the 2 vacation days, but finally gave up and decided that I would be a good wife and believe him. 

I faithfully told many relatives that asked about joint vacations, “Thank you but unfortunately we cannot do anything this year.  Zach only has 2 vacation days.”

We planned nothing fun over the summer.

Then, one hot day in the middle of July, I got a text from him.  It read, “I get 2 weeks of vacation this year.” 

I wrote him back, “You drive me nuts.”

He came home that night.  Apparently, a co-worker had set him straight.  When he checked his online vacation tool later that day, lo and behold, 2 weeks of lovely vacation awaiting to be used.

I was furious.  He had been working for 6 months, and we were just now figuring out his vacation?  Additionally, the summer was half-way over.  We had nothing planned and had missed several opportunities to take vacations with others. 

I did what any pissed-off wife would do.  I called his mother.  I vented.  She completely understood.  I felt better. 

We planned a 1 week staycation for September.  It was nice.  We painted our deck.

We loosely decided to use his last week of vacation – 5 days – around Christmas.  I was pretty sure that he had even more days than that, having read the company rulebook on vacation.  Having been flatly told “no” when I put that question to him previously, I did not even bring it up now.

We attempted vacation discussion on Monday this week and it fizzled. 

On Tuesday, he came home with exciting news.  “I have 2 more vacation days than what we though.” 

“Oh yeah?”  I responded.

“Two of my off-days fall on 2 official company holidays.  So those are floating holidays for me.”

He works a 9/80 schedule – every other Friday is supposed to be an off-day, but he usually has to work it anyways. 

I replied, “That’s great!  Let’s tack those days here and here.”

We mused a little over vacation days and then got wrapped up into other stuff.

Wednesday rolled around.  He came home.  “I actually have 4 more vacation days than what I thought.”

“What?”  I looked at him suspiciously.

“Well, there are the 2 days we already talked about.  Then, I get one free, floating holiday.  And, I worked Good Friday, but actually it was a vacation day.”

We stared at each other.  Then, we both laughed.  He, sheepishly, and me, somewhat hysterically. 

“You get a free, floating holiday?  I knew it.  I told you so!”  I shook a finger at him, “And GOOD FRIDAY?”

He said, “Do you remember if I worked that day?  I was going over my records with one of the admins and it showed that I worked that day.  I wasn’t sure though.”

“Oh, I remember all right.  You worked that day.  We argued about it.  I said that you had that day off and you said that no one gets that day off, just the auto industry.  And you worked that day and I was really mad.”

He replied, “I just want to make sure.  I don’t remember working that day.”

I gave him an eyebrow.  “Why would you remember working on a specific day, months ago?  Look, I’ll pull out the calendar.  See.  There’s nothing written on that day, and I always write when you have a day off.  And look.  We had a vehicle state inspection that Saturday, and I remember that you worked during that.  So if you worked that Saturday, then for sure you worked on the Friday.  I remember you working, plus you recorded that you worked.”

I covered my hands with my eyes and rolled onto the floor.  “I just can’t discuss this with you.”

We ended our non-productive conversation soon thereafter.  No formal holiday vacation plans were made.

This evening, I found him curled on the couch, studying a piece of paper.

“Oooo.  Are you going over your vacation?  Can I help?”  I sat down next to him.

He looked at me and shook his head.  “No.  It just doesn’t work.  I’ll do it myself.”

I got up.  “I’m gonna blog about this you know.”


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2 Responses to Vacation Days

  1. “I’m gonna blog about this you know” is now a typical refrain in our house. I don’t remember when it started, but now it’s hard to imagine a time before every word, every action (or inaction), every moment was possible fodder for public consumption.

    It’s like a WikiLeaks operative has infiltrated our lives.

    I’m not sure if it makes us more careful about what we say and do or more likely to show off so that we’ll be featured on Mirrored Images

    Great story, Rebecca. Keep up the good work (i.e., keeping Zach in line)!

    • pokedpotato says:

      That is really cute Kevin. I can hear Julia saying that. And now everyone knows how wonderfully you all get along on your rental car trips town to TN =) (I mean, you can’t just let a good story languish, can you?? It’s got to be told!!)

      Thanks for reading!! Glad you liked the story. I caught Zach reading it and smiling to himself.

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