Saying Our Unthankfuls

I asked Zach last night what he was unthankful for.  He mumbled something decidedly grumpy and said that he just wanted to go to sleep.  Humph, I thought, slightly annoyed.  I guess I’ll just come up with my own list of unthankfuls. 

Unthankful #1:  a husband who doesn’t want to chat before turning in for the night.

The sermon last week was on money.  The pastor stated that if you made more than $40,000/year, you are in the top 5% of the world’s richest people.  If you made more than $50,000/year, you are in the top 2%.  Something like that.  I asked Zach if that made sense to him.  He replied, “I get what he was saying.  I don’t feel any richer.” 

“Well, but you just need to look at it from a global point of view.  We’re rich.”

“Maybe we need to look at it from an even bigger standpoint.  The whole galaxy.”

I paused.  “Um…do you mean…rich aliens?”

He nodded.  “Yes.”

So…Unthankful #2:  Being intergalactically poor.

We are all getting into the holiday spirit.  For me, that means frenzied shopping in my mind, with little or no actions to support my fictitious purchases.  We used to live in Columbus, OH.  Multiple, lovely shopping centers were within a 15 min radius.  We are now north of the North Hills of Pittsburgh.  It takes 40 min to get to a mall, any direction, in good traffic. 

Unthankful #3:  Living in the “Mall” desert. 

This next one requires no explanation. 

Unthankful #4,5,6:  Fat buns,  fat thighs, fat tummy.  Check, check, check.

Right on the heels of that unthankful – Unthankful #6:  switching from 2% to skim milk.  Thank heavens for gorgonzola.  And mozzarella.  And feta.  And extra sharp Wisconsin cheddar.  But mostly gorgonzola.  Nice, big forkfuls of it.  I’m pretty sure I have not lost any weight yet.  But I am faithfully pouring skim milk into my oatmeal every morning.

Unthankful #7:  A little one who loves taking my spices, spatulas, ladles, Tupperware and pots for his use.  I guess I should be grateful he is not stealing my wallet.  A common, one-sided conversation from my husband: “Honey, have you seen my credit card?  Oh wait, nevermind.  Here it is.  Luke put it in the trash can.”

Unthankful #8:  Paper.  As in, recently asking my husband for diamonds, for our upcoming 5 year anniversary, and being told, “I think the first year is paper”. 

To which I replied, “It’s not our first year.” 

He reasoned, “Well, it would be the first year that I get you a gift.”

Down with paper.  At least I have half a year to work on him about the diamond thing.

Unthankful #9:  Having a pin oak that is still hanging onto most of its brown, lifeless leaves.  I’m pretty sure we’ll be raking up leaves in the snow. 

Unthankful #10:  Running out of things to be unthankful for. 

I guess I should go hug my sleeping husband.  Kiss the baby.


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2 Responses to Saying Our Unthankfuls

  1. Julia says:

    Funny, wonderful, creative. Your husband is a riot, in a grumpy curmudgeonly way. Why did you switch to skim? Yuck? I am unthankful for many of the things you are unthankful for. But I live less than 20 minutes from a mall. Less than 10, actually. And I drink 1% milk. Happy Thanksgiving, friend!

    • pokedpotato says:

      Happy Thanksgiving Julia!! I switched to skim when I stopped nursing & wanted to finally lose the last 8lb of pregnancy weight- I used to eat cereal & oatmeal for breakfast when I nursed. But then I went back to just oatmeal with milk & I realized that since I nuke it, I can’t taste the difference (as badly) between skim & 1/2%. But I just LOVE love cheese & I can’t give that up. When I am stressed, I need a big forkful of something that is fatty. Doesn’t everyone??

      I’m glad you are at least close to the mall=) Otherwise it is fun to be unthankful for similar things!!

      Oh yes…imagine what Z is going to be like when he is an old man. Yikes.

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