A Shot of Vinegar

When I worked at Boeing, it was always long hours in the lab, and then a long commute home.  I would be utterly bedraggled by the time I made it back home.  One of my wonderful co-workers mentioned that when she was exhausted after work, she would have a shot of vinegar.  It would totally perk her up. 

It was exactly what I needed.  It sounded kind of gross, but the next day when I got home, I got out a large spoon and filled it to the brim with white vinegar.  Zach the Bystander watched silently.  I tipped it into my mouth, swallowed…and immediately wanted to throw up.  It was bad.

I told my co-worker the next day that I almost lost my cookies trying the vinegar thing.  She said that I was nuts to try white vinegar.  She suggested balsamic instead.

I tried a shot of that, and it was pretty great.  A nice, warm feeling in the stomach, instant shock to the head, and no alcohol necessary!  I was hooked. 

At some point, we bought this amazing bottle of balsamic vinegar from O&CO.  Thick, sweet, popping with flavor.  I would eat vanilla ice cream with fresh raspberries and my magic syrup on top.  Yum.  I would also have occasional “shots” of the vinegar.  I made the bottle last several years.

Anyways, we ran out of the good balsamic last year, and I haven’t gotten another one.  But just a few days ago, in the interest of losing some weight, I bought some light balsamic vinaigrette to replace our not-light-but-heavenly buttermilk ranch dressing (meanwhile…”light” dressing is such a marketing ploy.  Yes, there are fewer calories, but it is still almost 95% fat…dieters beware!). 

I made a salad with the new dressing yesterday, and it was actually very tasty.  My son…who hates lettuce…wanted to try some, so I gave him a leafy green.  He loved it.  I’m sure he really loved the vinaigrette dousing it received.  Today, I made a salad again, and he went nuts, babbling for some. 

I gave him a few pieces of lettuce, a little dipping bowl of balsamic dressing, and watched him go at it.

Guzzling his way to yumminess

I think he liked it.  He licked the bowl clean.

I’m a little worried that he already exhibits my quirkiness for foods.  This is going to be one expensive kid to raise.  Better stock up on the premium balsamic.


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3 Responses to A Shot of Vinegar

  1. Z's mom says:

    that’s my bubba

  2. Julia says:

    I like malt vinegar, personally. And sorry — but vinegar on ice cream??? talk about losing your cookies!!!!

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