The Little Ironing Board That Could

My husband does the ironing in this house.  It is a beautiful thing.  Years ago, I attempted ironing his uniforms, only to get yelled at after putting train tracks down the legs.  Best mistake I ever made.  I am mostly banned from ironing his stuff, and usually I can get him to iron my clothes as well. 

Before we were married, we each owned one cheap, sad ironing board…from the college days I presume.  Not wanting to be wasteful, we kept them both – when one breaks, you’ve got the other in your back pocket, right? 

Well, one broke.  We dusted off the other ironing board, set it up, and took a good look at it.  It was pretty bad too.  Zach went back to the one that broke, inspected it again, and said, “I think I can fix this.”

He then took the middle section out of my Swifter, and lashed that to the broken leg with duct tape.

It looks a lot worse in person.

 It worked. 

We re-stashed the other pathetic ironing board (who knows why are still saving it), and with the wonderful splint job, Zach was back in business.

Did I mention that was almost 5 years ago? 

I ironed recently, and it appears to me that the ironing board has taken a turn for the worse.  There is at least a 4″ slope from the front of the board to the back.  The bent leg appears to be totally fractured, and the entire job is way too wobbly to even think about leaving the iron on top of the board, when it is not in use.

I took another look at the backup ironing board that we have been schlepping across the country and back (literally!), and I wonder again why we didn’t chuck it prior to the last move.  It is not a feasible replacement option.

The ironing boards at the store are really expensive.  I found one at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $50 (!!) on clearance.  I don’t remember them being that much, the last time I bought one.  According to the clearance tag, it “wobbled”.  I set it up, just to be sure.  It wobbled.  Fifty bucks?  For a wobbly board?  Seriously?

Well, Veteran’s Day is right around the corner.  God bless our vets.  My husband and I do not exchange gifts for birthdays or Christmas anymore…we haven’t for a few years.  It just seems silly.  We usually go out to eat instead.  However, we do celebrate the “V” holidays.  He gets Veteran’s Day, and I get Valentine’s Day. 

I asked him what he wanted for Veteran’s Day this year, and he said he would think about it.  Last year he got one of those things to pull his golf clubs in.  He has not used it once.  I think he needs a present that he can use all the time.

I’m thinking  …

                                 new ironing board!!!!!


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8 Responses to The Little Ironing Board That Could

  1. alltheseblessedthings says:

    You guys make me TOO happy! This is hilarious.

  2. Z's mom says:

    Zach always had a thing about ironing. In high school he wore uniforms. His was khaki pants. And one day he asked me why the other kids don’t have lines going down the front of their pants and he did. My response – those kids mom loves them more that I do you and sends their pants off to the laundry. You are stuck with my ironing. 🙂 As for the ironing board. I have seen it and it is a sad sad thing.

  3. Julia says:

    Hey can you get Kevin to iron? Or Alex? Or Max? I can’t remember the last time I wore a neatly pressed button-down shirt that wasn’t fresh off the rack of some store, still bristling with starch. I hate ironing. Hate it. And so does Kevin, which is why we always look a little rumpled, a little “Boho”. And why I always wear knit shirts!

    Excellent post, Bec – hope you get that sexy new ironing board for V day

    • pokedpotato says:

      Thanks Julia =) I just put a coupon in my purse and am heading out to get Z a new ironing board as soon as Luke wakes up!! Ha – I hate ironing too!! Glad you liked the post=)

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