Dinner is Ready

I like having dinner on time.  This means that dinner should be ready when my husband gets home from work.  Lately, the bug has been clinging to my leg all afternoon, so I have been making dinner during his nap.  This means that dinner is done at 1pm, and needs to be microwaved up at 6pm.  This is not ideal, but it’s okay with me.

So here I am, fighting with a butternut squash at 1pm and thinking back to the days when Zach made me dinner. 

In Washington, I used to have a crazy commute to work – at best, 1 hr 40 min each way.  The 3+ hr commute, coupled with long hours on the job, meant that I was away from home at least 13 hours per day.  When Zach wasn’t out to sea or sleeping on the boat, he came home well before I did. 

He would pick me up from the ferry around 7 or 8ish most days.  I would plop into the car and check out his outfit.  If he had on his uniform, that meant he came straight from work.  No hope of a ready meal.  On the other hand, if he had on jeans, that meant dinner could feasibly be waiting for me. 

“What are we eating?  I’m starving.”

At least 90% of the time he would reply, “What do you want?”

“Ugh!!!  I’m so hungry,” I would moan,  “Who cares what I want.  I need to eat.  I need to eat now.  Why can’t you make dinner before you pick me up?”  I would be tired, hungry and stressed from work.  I was never nice or polite by that time. 

He would say, “I thought you would want dinner to be hot.  If I make it before you are home, I don’t know what ferry you are on, so I don’t know when you’ll be home.”

While a hot dinner was a sweet idea, I didn’t care.

We would squabble about it some more, and at some point he would either make me spaghetti or get a pizza. 

Eventually, we instituted a “Don’t talk until we’re home and Rebecca’s had at least 1 cup of tea” rule.  This went much better.  I also started packing snacks to eat on my long trek home.

In Ohio, I had a medium commute on the days when I wasn’t working from home.  1 hr 15 min each way.  A breeze compared with the Washington commute.  Dinners were usually waiting for me when I got home.  I loved my husband for it.  He made awesome meals. 

Now, the tables have turned.  I am in charge of dinners.  By 6pm, the house is a wreck, the kid is a mess, and I’m exhausted.  But I always get a measure of satisfaction in knowing that dinner is ready.  It may be cold, it could be leftovers and it might not be healthy! 

But it is usually tasty, and it is always ready.


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6 Responses to Dinner is Ready

  1. alltheseblessedthings says:

    I have a friend who talks about being “hangry.” You know, it’s that point after you’ve gotten hungry before you’ve been fed and you’re just about angry. I can totally relate.

  2. I like the “Don’t talk until we’re home and Rebecca’s had at least 1 cup of tea” rule. Wait till the kid gets older. I’ve got two little ones (who aren’t so little anymore) who seem to always be going through a growth spurt of some kind. Maybe I should invoke a “Don’t talk until we’re home and the boys get at least 3 food items ingested” rule. It’s so bad that yesterday Max (my 9-year old) said through tears “I think I’m going through a growth spurt.”

  3. Z's mom says:

    So here is what you do. Buy your ground beef in bulk and brown it all up at one time then freeze it in smaller portions so it is ready for a quick casserole. Do the same for chicken. Have Zach grill up several chicken breasts then freeze them right away and you have ready made grilled chicken salads on the day when my most precious bubba is being a “darling”. Pick a day and make soups until they come out of your ears and freeze them up too. Any meal you make do it double – one for now one for in two weeks. Then on the days when my favorite bubba is being wonderful you can be creative and when he is not as wonderful you have something ready made in the freezer and you will be happy and so will your tummy. And I totally get your frustration. It is no easy task getting it all together and keeping yourself sane. Isn’t being a mom grand.!

    • pokedpotato says:

      love the ideas tania=) i will have to start browning the ground beef up before putting into the freezer – I never thought of doing that. yes…the little man can sometimes be trying…adorable but still trying=)

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