Reb’s Felonies

We have a nice wooden 2-drawer cabinet that has all our papers filed away.  Every once in a while, I go through and organize it.  All the folders are labeled haphazardly depending on who made it, and none of the folders are placed in any order whatsoever.  I like to label folders uniquely, while my husband loves to label with the “blanket” method.  For example, we have a folder labeled “BABY”.  This holds whatever randomness that could possibly be attributed to our baby, that doesn’t fit in another folder category.  This folder is so dumb.  My husband created it.

I have a folder labeled “RAV4”.  This type of folder makes sense to me.  It has stuff that pertains to my Toyota Rav4 vehicle.  My folder labels are awesome.

Then we have a folder labeled “REB FELONY’S”.  Sweet.  Putting aside the grammatical errors (I believe this should read Reb’s Felonies), this folder title is still no good.  Obviously created by the husband. 

Inside this folder, are lots and lots of official papers.  Who knows when I decided to start keeping these, but to date, I have about 6 citations from 3 different states, spanning about 7 years.  This definitely does not include my first 2 citations (traffic speeding violations).  None of these citations are felonies…actually, these mostly look like speeding violations to me.  Court hearing notices.  Driver improvement correspondence letter.  Etcetera.

I used to be quite the impatient driver.   I also loved to go fast.  A bad combination if there ever was one.  My last car was fire-engine red.  I loved it.

After I got married, I resolved to turn over a new leaf.  No more speeding.  I have done pretty well.  I have only been pulled over once in the past 4 years.  The police officer was incredibly nice and actually let me free…he is the only one to have ever done that.  So really, I don’t think I’ve had a ticket in 5 years.

 I drive like a perfect little citizen now.  Obey all the signs.  Tsk at the teenagers when they roll through stop signs.  So really, all things considered, I feel like “Reb’s Felonies” is an unfair label.  I mean, it’s not like we’re going to add to this folder. 

I’m going to make a folder for the husband.  Then we’ll each have a folder that we don’t like.  I am going to label it “Zach’s Responsibilities”.  I’ll really fill that one up.  That’ll teach him.


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2 Responses to Reb’s Felonies

  1. alltheseblessedthings says:

    These are fantastic posts! I’m loving reading them. And I REALLY REALLY like the folder titles…ah, marriage. 🙂

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