Swearing Up a Sprinkle

We are working on our deck this week.  Staining the deck with my husband?  No big deal.  Staining the deck with a rugrat?  Big deal.

The Happy Rugrat

Keeping a kid happy all day AND out of trouble, while we frantically paint slats, is rough. 

Day one.  Everything was going really well, until we heard the enormous gush of some liquid making its way one story below.  Oh no.  Spilled paint.  Thankfully it was only the booger emptying out his water bottle. 

At some point, the kid did something that merited my attention.  I set the brush on the side of my paint tray and got up to help him out.  As I stood, in one fluid motion, my paint tray upended itself as I turned around to catch it.  I missed. 

Painting Up a Storm

Then, the inevitable happened.  I swore. 

Really, I should congratulate myself.  I have only dropped the s-bomb twice around the boy. 

I do realize kids are sponges.  I need to quit swearing.  I also need to quit using words like freakin’, crap, etc.  Words that aren’t swear words, but aren’t quite appropriate for a little kid to say. 

Then there’s the slew of sexual words that are a no-no.  I am reminded of that every time he blithely says “boob”.  Oops.  Must’ve said that around him one too many times.

I also say the word “nip” a lot.  As in, “Do you want a nip of banana?”  My English use of this word is appropriate.  But colloquially, well, I seem to hear “my nips are cold” a lot more than “can I have a nip of that drink?” 

Another word added to my don’t-say-around-the-kid list.

Day 2.  Deck work continued.  I painted more slats.   At one point I looked up.  The boog was happily ripping up our lawn and eating dirt.  He smiled at me.  I sighed.  Well, shit.


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