Turning Thirty

I got through the better part of this morning in my usual stupor.  Then my mom called.  “Why is my mom calling?” I wondered.  I answered the phone.  “Happy Birthday Becca!  You’re THIRTY!”  Yikes.  That’s why she’s calling. 

I’m thirty today.  Really, I feel that this is a good thing.  Hopefully, everyone will stop thinking I am still a teenager.  The worst is getting it from dental assistants.  “Oh your gums are so bad.  When do you graduate from high school?”  As if going to the dentist isn’t bad enough.  “Lady, I’m almost 30.  My gums look like my age, which is not 15.” 

I can stop lying about my age.  This is generally a good practice at work, when I was one of the younger people there.  I mean, you know you’re considered young when people have no qualms about asking your age to start with.  Bumping up my age by a year helped separate me from the “kids”.  I felt like I was taken more seriously.  I think I spent a few years being 29. 

By some freak of nature, I have less gray hairs than I did when I was in my 20’s.  I’m sure that won’t last long.

I now live in a nice house.  I spent most of my 20’s in apartments…uh, 8 apartments, 2 houses.  I don’t live on an Indian reservation anymore.  All things to be thankful for.

We didn’t do much for my 30th birthday.  Some good eating, which is always important.  I asked my husband to make me a laptop tray for my stationary bike.  He said “Sure.  How about for your 32nd?”.  I said something mean to him. 

Overall, turning thirty – not too shabby.  We’ll see how turning forty goes.


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  1. Happy Birthday, Rebecca!

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