To Homeschool or Not To Homeschool?

Remember the South Park episode…I think it was “Hooked on Monkey Fonics”?  There was a homeschooled girl named Rebecca.  That’s me (at least in name).  A friend recorded it for me;  it was the only SP episode I ever saw.  It was hilarious. 

I was homeschooled by my mom up to 5th grade, and then went to a private school all the way to graduation.  Generally speaking, I had great experiences with both education methods. 

I have a little kiddo, and school is going to come faster than I like.  I wanted to throw out the pros to both sides – home vs. regular schooling.  I am going to avoid listing the cons…depending on the location, person doing the teaching at home, public/private school being attending, child being schooled, etc., the list of negatives can run pretty deep on both sides.  Plus, I don’t want to piss off my mom. 

So what’s the big deal about homeschooling?  Lots of people are doing it in America.  It is actually illegal in Germany.  Homeschooling is great when your child is super advanced or super slow.  You can help them learn at their own pace.  I skipped 1st grade because my mom decided I was advanced.  (I guess that means I knew how to add dimes and quarters better than the other kids).  You have more control over what they learn – normal this is where the people who are concerned about religious education give homeschooling the gold stars. 

There are less negative influences on the kids…homeschooled siblings usually become best friends.  My brother Josh and I were great buds while being homeschooled.  We did our seat work at night in our pj’s and had the afternoons off to play outside.  You can take family vacations whenever you want.  Off-season vacas are a great money saver.  We would go to Disney World during hurricane season.  Rain was prevalent. 

Okay, those are some good things about homeschooling.  What are some good things about regular schools?  Regular schools also can help a kid if he is a genius or a bumbling idiot.  Advanced classes, remedial courses and tutors abound.  Social interaction is huge.  Remember when I skipped 1st grade?  Well, I ended up doing 5th grade twice.  Once homeschooled and once in regular school.  The trade-off of redoing a year to be with kids my age was worth it, based on the social aspect.  Other kids from different backgrounds can also provide creative stimulation and peer support.

On with good things about regular schools.  The teachers must have a degree to teach.  You have new authority figures.  Lots of sports.  Cute boys. 

Different things matter to different people.  The list of positives on one side can easily show up on the other, depending on the circumstance.  And obviously, I haven’t written about all the pros.  For me, I felt that homeschooling gave me a great edge on learning.  I absolutely LOVED, however, the social aspect of a regular school. 

The homeschooling question is a great question to ask, and the answer “yes,” or “no,” is the right answer for the right reason.

Incidentally, we are debating putting our son in either a public or private school.  So for us, the decision is not to homeschool.


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2 Responses to To Homeschool or Not To Homeschool?

  1. Nice post. One other ‘pro’ for public schooling: as parents you get to meet other parents and connect with people from the community. And I think the whole organized sports with kids from your part of the community is a huge thing–at least it was for me.

    • pokedpotato says:

      Thanks. Yes. I think that is a huge pro too. being involved with the community is important! When we looked at private schools here, zach freaked out about their small sports offerings. I agree.

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